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The first and only textile finish inspired by nature.

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Now you can be one of the many people enjoying advanced nanotechnology to protect your valuable fabrics – while reducing your impact on the environment and human health.

Old stain resistant technologies encase fabric in thick layers of polymer-based chemicals to provide protection. GreenShield is a nano-particle-based innovation from BigSky Technologies that reduces the health and environmental impact of stain resistant finishes by dramatically lowering the amount of fluorochemicals and selecting components that have a clear and established safety record.

GreenShield is the only finish certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) as
a Low Fluorocarbon treatment product (certificate).

GreenShield® is New Technology

Microscopic roughness is the technology behind GreenShield which leverages the enormous surface area of each nanoparticle enabling the particles to efficiently deliver the appropriate chemistry to the fabric. Through the use of nano-particles on the surface of a fabric GreenShield creates a pocket of air allowing water and oil droplets to roll – carrying dirt and stains off the fabric for a self cleaning effect.

By selecting GreenShield® as your textile finish of choice you can:

  • Choose the greenest and safest multifunctional finish on the market today.
  • Choose to reduce the use of harmful chemicals by eight times or more and improve fabric recyclability and sustainability.
  • Choose a unique and permanent fabric finish based on nano-particles.
  • Choose to make a real difference for the environment and human health.

GreenShield® is All in One

GreenShield is a multi-functional technology providing water and oil repellency and stain resistance in a single finish with greater efficiency than each function delivered separately.

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One person can make a difference. By choosing GreenShield you are making a difference by reducing the amount of harmful chemicals impacting the environment and human health.

Making a difference is not always easy, but it’s the small choices, over time,that add up to big changes that we cannot often foresee. There are many ways to improve the environment – one way is to make the right choices.

GreenShield is the right choice to make.

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About BigSky
Technologies LLC

BigSky Technolologies LLC is a materials science company that manufactures textile finishes inspired by Nature. The company develops cost-effective solutions for the coatings, fabrics, and composites industries using sustainable manufacturing processes and reducing or eliminating use of harmful chemicals. BigSky Technologies LLC produces GreenShield®, an environmentally friendly stain-resistant fabric finish.