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The first and only textile finish inspired by nature.

frequently asked questions

GreenShield FAQ

1. How long does the GreenShield finish stay on the fabric?

The GreenShield finish is applied to fabric using standard industry processes; this patented finish is chemically bound to the fiber of the fabric. Thus the finish is expected to last through the life of the fabric.

2. Is GreenShield a fabric?

No. GreenShield is a low-fluorocarbon based chemical finish
for fabrics.

3. Can I clean GreenShield treated fabrics?

Yes. Fabric treated with GreenShield is rated as W/S, so
is resistant to water and solvents. Most stains can be easily cleaned with light brushing and/or water or non-solvent
based cleaners.

4. Does GreenShield have a barrier backing?

No. GreenShield normally does not have a barrier backing. However, a backing can be applied if needed.

5. Does GreenShield help with LEED points?

The GreenShield finish is certified through Scientific Certification System (SCS); one can obtain LEED points by using the GreenShield finish on a textile product.

6. Can the GreenShield finish go on any fabric?

The GreenShield finish can go on any fabric that can safely pass through the curing process at greater than 250 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

7. Does the GreenShield finish cost more?

No. The price of GreenShield is similar to other commercial fabric finishes.

8. Where can I buy GreenShield?

The GreenShield finish is available through fabric jobbers, distributors and furniture manufacturers.
GreenShield: Where to Buy

9. Why was there a conversion from C8-based GreenShield
    products to C6-based GreenShield products?

The fluorochemical industry is converting their production from C8-based chemistry to C6-based chemistry for environmental reasons.

As a result, it is not possible to obtain the C8-based raw materials required for GreenShield. The issues are complex; the attached reference provides additional detail.

10. Do GreenShield treated fabrics have VOC’s?

No. The GreenShield treated fabrics have no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). The GreenShield treated fabrics have been certified through SCS to be in compliance with indoor air quality standard CA 01350.

11. Does GreenShield have formaldehyde?

No. The GreenShield finish does not use formaldehyde.

12. Does GreenShield change the color of the fabrics?

No. Due to the significantly reduced chemistry, the
GreenShield finish shows improved colorfastness relative
to other treated fabrics.

13. Does the GreenShield finish cause shrinkage in the fabrics?


14. Will specifying GreenShield add lead time to my fabric order?


15. Are the GreenShield treated fabrics breathable?

Yes. Nanoparticle-based GreenShield finish does not change a fabric’s breathability.

16. How does GreenShield compare to Gore Seating Protection?

The GreenShield finish is an inorganic nanoparticle-based chemical finish. In contrast, Gore Seating Protection is a PTFE based laminating process.

17. How does GreenShield compare to the Nanotex finish?

The Nanotex finish is a fluoropolymer based finish that provides water and stain resistance to a fabric, while the GreenShield finish is an inorganic nanoparticle-based multifunctional finish
that provides equivalent water and stain repellency with 7-10 times less fluorochemical.