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The first and only textile finish inspired by nature.

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Products can only be as sustainable as the materials and processes used to make them.

The processes used in the manufacture of GreenShield® are designed in
a way that maximizes product performance while minimizing environmental, health and safety risks.

  • USES BENIGN MATERIALS — water based formulation
  • USES ENERGY EFFICIENTLY — low temperature process to minimize energy requirements

Through the principle of micro-roughness, GreenShield reduces the use of fluorochemicals on fabrics. Undetectable to human touch, the microscopic surface roughness of GreenShield allows water and oil to roll off the surface of the fabric resulting in water and oil repellency and stain resistance.

  • Reduces Fluorocarbons by 7–10 Times
  • Is Safe and Environmentally Friendly
  • Completely Water-based Formulation
  • Permanent with Excellent Wash-Durability
  • Improved Hand and Feel

GreenShield® Product Offerings

All current GreenShield products are based on C6 chemistry. Please contact us to determine which of our formulas is best for your fabric finishing needs.

GreenShield is Third Party Certified for Environmental Performance.

BigSky Technologies, the manufacturer of GreenShield believes in third party certification, which is a procedure by which a third party, independently tests and provides assurance that a product conforms to specified requirements.

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GreenShield delivers outstanding stain resistance to fabrics, equivalent or better than that of leading commercial brands, but reduces dramatically the amount of chemicals that negatively impact the environment.

Evaluated by MBDC
When GreenShield® is applied to a fabric, the total fluorochemical concentration in the finished product is less than 1000ppm (0.1%).