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Our History

BigSky Technologies LLC, based in Rochester, NY is a materials science company that manufacturers textile finishes inspired by nature. The company develops cost-effective solutions for the coatings, fabrics, and composite industries using sustainable manufacturing processes while reducing or eliminating the use of harmful chemicals.

BigSky acquired the GreenShield® business in June of 2009, and continues to build and maintain a technical team with expertise in chemistry and engineering. With several strong patents, the company provides the experience needed to evaluate new chemical applications and establish processes quickly and efficiently.

In 2012 the team scaled up manufacturing at a new location in Rochester, NY. Through various market and regulatory changes, BigSky transitioned the business from C8 technology to an environmentally conscientious C6 technology, which it currently provides to customers in the US and Canada.

Over the past several years the GreenShield finish has grown in the automotive interiors, commercial, and residential furnishing markets. GreenShield continues to grow, expanding the business into the performance outerwear, bedding and marine industries.

With GreenShield Less is More

Our Team

The BigSky team has a combined total of 150 years of commercialization experience and over 100 patents
issued in their many years of R&D, commercialization, and business experience.

GreenShield is About Choices

By choosing GreenShield, you choose to reduce the use of harmful chemicals impacting the environment and human health, increase recyclability and promote sustainability – it’s the right choice to make.

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