GreenShield is a nanoparticle based innovation that reduces the health and environmental impact of stain resistant green fabric finish by dramatically lowering the amount of fluorochemicals and selecting base components that have a clear and established safety record.

Old stain resistant technologies encase fabric in a continuous layer of polymer-based chemicals to provide protection.

The GreenShield technology architecture leverages the enormous surface area of each nanoparticle enabling the particles to efficiently deliver the appropriate chemistry to the fabric, while their size is optimized for minimizing contact with liquid droplets. This enables GreenShield coated fabrics to have as little as one tenth of the fluorochemical load as its competitors while providing superior water and oil repellency coupled with industry leading stain resistance.

GreenShield is based on amorphous silica nanoparticles that are also used for such applications as toothpaste and cosmetic creams. Amorphous silica (sand) is a GRAS listed material (Generally Recognized as Safe). GreenShield is a non-emitter, releasing no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), has no PFOS or PFOA containing fluorochemicals, and is permanently adhered to the fabric as a mesh network, eliminating any concerns about nanoparticles becoming air-borne.

Innovation inspired by nature

In the natural world water does not wet the leaves of many plants because their leaves are rough on a small scale. This microscopic roughness which has been used by nature for thousands of years to provide water repellency is the inspiration behind GreenShield. This is known as biomimicry – the science and art of emulating nature’s best biological ideas to solve human problems.

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Fibers With Green Shield Finish

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Why Fluorocarbons?

Fluorocarbon telomeres (wiki link) have a unique chemical property in that they provide an omniphobic surface repelling both oil and water based liquids. This unique omniphobic characteristic is what makes fluorochemicals indispensable as a component of repellent finishes, allowing fabrics to resist oil based stains like mustard and salad dressing.

Fluorocarbon polymers do all of that without changing the flexibility of what they’ve been applied to fabric finishes. The unparalleled stain resistance provided by fluorocarbons allows for a drastic reduction in water and energy expenditure to clean upholstery, paneling, outerwear, and more. in consumer and industrial settings, a saving for both the user and the environment. Additionally, microbes and bacteria will have difficulty sticking to a GreenShield surface, reducing the health risk, particularly in medical environments.

Fluorine is a chemical element found in many places, from fluoride in water to Teflon found in cookware. Many fluorine-containing products are completely safe. However, some fluorochemicals bio-accumulate, making their way into the environment. Only a small percentage of fluorine-containing materials pose possible health risks; these compounds are not used in GreenShield, nor are they produced from its decomposition.

GreenShield uses C6 technologies, meaning it can neither contain nor degrade into PFOA, PFOS, or similar 8-carbon chains. In fact, notable byproducts only evolve at temperatures exceeding 200 degrees Centigrade/400 degrees Fahrenheit. GreenShield’s unique nanoparticle component provides a textured substrate, drastically reducing the amount of fluorocarbons used for treating fabric. These nanoparticles encourage an additional bond to the fluorocarbons, allowing for a stronger, less degradable finish. The GreenShield Company has taken every step possible to ensure the safety in use of an otherwise questionable chemical family.

The overuse of fluorochemicals is a critical issue of human health and environmental concern.

GreenShield Nanotechnology is Green

Not all nanotechnology is Green Nanotechnology. The GreenShield finish is based upon the practice of Green Nanotechnology; which promotes manufacturing and product development through sustainable thinking and offers an opportunity to combat adverse effects before they occur.

We recognize that nanotechnology is a relatively new area of scientific study, little is known about the long term risk of nano-materials including their toxicities, potential for emissions and human exposure, and the environmental and ecological impact. This is why green nanotechnology principles are so important.

The GreenShield Advantage

Water ResistantHydrocarbonsFluoropolymersGreenShield
Oil ResistantHydrocarbons FluoropolymersGreenShield
DurableHydrocarbons Fluoropolymers GreenShield
GreenHydrocarbonsFluoropolymers GreenShield

GreenShield provides outstanding water and oil repellency with the lowest possible fluorochemical level; no other treatment can compete.

GreenShield is About Choices

By choosing GreenShield, you choose to reduce the use of harmful chemicals impacting the environment and human health, increase recyclability and promote sustainability – it’s the right choice to make.

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