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GreenShield is a patented all-in-one multifunctional nano-particle based technology that reduces the impact upon the environment and human health from oil-based-stain resistant finishes by dramatically lowering the amount of fluorochemicals. Learn about our technology.

Product Perfromance - Reduced Fluorocarbon Application

GreenShield ZERO is a Fluorine Free nano-particle finish providing superior water repellency to water-based stains suitable for all fiber types; including polyester, cotton, nylon, rayon and blends, for a full range of fabric options.

The GreenShield Company is committed to reducing the use of chemicals required for product performance with factual and transparent information that is third party certified.

The particle-based technology of GreenShield and GreenShield ZERO is changing how textile products are protected in a growing number of industries: commercial & residential interiors, automotive & mass transportation, outerwear & outdoor products, and the marine industry.


There’s nothing new about water-proofing fabric for panel systems and wallcoverings. GreenShield and GreenShield ZERO offer the industry new choices. For cleanability in places where oily smudges and stains are prevalent, GreenShield allows for a green alternative to the usual fluorochemical-heavy treatments. For drapery and cubical curtains, noise-cancelling panels and wall partitions, and wherever water-based stains are common GreenShield ZERO is specially formulated to be a Fluorine Free solution.


An interior environment can be a tough place, and upholstery fabrics need to perform under many demanding circumstances. Food stains, liquid spills, and a number of other dirt producing situations can result in unappealing looking furniture and expensive cleaning bills. With GreenShield you can protect your upholstery fabrics from oil-based stains like mustard, ketchup, and pizza grease while helping to protect the environment. GreenShield ZERO provides Fluorine Free protection from water-based spills like soda, coffee, and wine.


There are not many places that need water repellency and stain protection more than the insides of automobiles. Nothing is going to stop a careless mechanic from grinding oil into your clean fabric car-seat, or accidental food spills from happening. GreenShield provides superior stain resistance with as little as one-tenth the fluorine as other stain resistant finishes. The automotive industry has become aware of the negative environmental and human health effects that the over-use of chemicals can have within automotive interiors. With GreenShield ZERO the automotive industry has a Fluorine Free option for combating water-based stains, like coffee, juice, or sodas.

GreenShield Finish Automotive Industry


Whether camping, canoeing, or going for a long hike, you want your gear and spare clothes to stay dry, even in the case of a sudden downpour or an accidental drop in a stream. With a backpack or fabric sack that has a GreenShield finish, you can rest easy knowing that dry socks and functional electronics remain protected in your clumsily mishandled luggage. Even tent fabrics become remarkably weather resistant with a GreenShield finish. What better place to help the environment than in the great outdoors. With GreenShield you have a choice to reduce the amount of fluoro-chemicals introduced to the environment, and with GreenShield ZERO you can choose a Fluorine Free finish with a superior and durable water repellency.

GreenShield Finish Outdoor Products

GreenShield is About Choices

By choosing GreenShield, you choose to reduce the use of harmful chemicals impacting the environment and human health, increase recyclability and promote sustainability – it’s the right choice to make.

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