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GreenShield mask 3-pack – So that you always have a mask when one is in the wash. Smile more and be understood with our breakthrough Greenshield® Clear Windowed mask. Treated with patented sustainable technology, our 100% USA-made facemask is proven protection for unprecedented times.

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  • Helps reduce communication errors, improve learning, and provides accessibility
  • Provides the largest viewing window of any “clear” mask on the market
  • Treated with patented GreenShield® fabric finish, so that nothing sticks to it; oil and water droplets will roll off.
  • 100% manufactured in the US, from fabric weaving, dying, finishing to sewing
  • Stays clean for longer than other cloth masks, as dirt and sweat are repelled from the fabric
  • Lightweight, breathable polyester/cotton
  • Particle-based finish maintains fabric breathability and feel
  • Wire for outstanding fit and reduced fogging of glasses
  • Comfortable lycra ties

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GreenShield is About Choices

By choosing GreenShield, you choose to reduce the use of harmful chemicals impacting the environment and human health, increase recyclability and promote sustainability – it’s the right choice to make.

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